Monday, August 20, 2007

iMovie '08 Gets a Cold Review

When David Pogue came to the Nebraska Educational Technology Association's (NETA's) Conference last April, many of the "tech geeks" I know where oh so giddy to have him. Now, I had just become familiar with his work and hadn't watched a video, so I thought he may hand out pocket protectors as door prizes. He didn't, and actually, he turned me into an avid fan with his real-life down to earth humor. He is a great speaker and I can now look at him and his work with a smile and not a cringe. You don't lose coolness by visiting his NY Times blog.

Admittedly, he also had nice things to say about Apple computers, which you don't always hear a lot of. Naturally, it helped him to grow on me. However, in his latest review of iLife '08, he, for the most part, trashes the iMovie part. As he quotes the message boards, "What the [bleep]? What was Apple thinking?"

Now, I am NEVER one to see or review a new innovation first (although our office does have the newest and best collection of 100 calories snacks...well, new for our area of the world), so I don't have anything to add or debate on the iMovie review. But I will say that I have agreed with many of his reviews and attitudes. And if what he says is true about the new iMovie, Apple has definitely taken some backward steps in their quest to conquer the world, one project at a time.

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