Friday, August 24, 2007

YouTube Debates

The YouTube election is a great tool to bring into your classroom. I will be helping our AP Government class to upload their questions in hopes of getting them asked during the YouTube Republican debate. Questions need to be submitted by mid-September in order for them to be reviewed for the November 28th debate. The teacher has spent the last few weeks reviewing issues, reviewing the Democratic debate and introducing the students to the candidates. They will then sketch out their question and we will videotape and edit next week.

So why bother? One of the bigger jokes when the US invaded Iraq is, why are we pushing our democratic system on a different country when less than 1/3 of our citizens take full advantage of it? What YouTube, CNN and the candidates have done is find a medium (online video posting) that is appealing to a younger audience. The 2006 election started this by the introduction of candidates and their camps blogging. This election takes it one step further. It still won't make the majority of Americans more interested in the election, but it is slowly bringing more and more people in. You have to start somewhere.

Why an early post? A busy Monday and I didn't want to leave the MILLIONS of visitors with an empty fridge for two weeks. Who loves ya?

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