Monday, September 17, 2007


Nothing makes a teachers heart beat faster than the call of "Free Stuff!" Immediately the mind starts racing with questions of "How can I use this in my classroom?" or "I wonder if I can take 30 for the rest of my staff?" Inevitably, it turns out to be junk, but usable, and everyone goes home happy.
Today I got a list of 200+ free things for Macs, via a reputable source at our local service unit via the Apple List Serve. 200? Yes, 200. Some are things that the average user has heard of such as Firefox, Google Earth and Audacity. Others, like SketchUp, you may vaguely remember with other programs. Some I can't figure out the point. But hey, it's free!
A couple to point out:
Flip4Mac: Allows you to view Windows Media files on your Mac. A must have.
Galerie: Allows you to create simple web photo galleries.
Lego Digital Designer: I haven't played with this one yet, but it seems to have higher-level thinking center time written all over it. I know people laugh because its Lego, but used properly it has outstanding potential.
One other free note: If you are a Mac lover that has converted to PC for whatever reason, Safari 3 (Beta) is available for download on Windows and Vista. Nothing special as far as Safari goes, but Safari nonetheless.

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