Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Making Your Own Tutorials

I apologize for the day late. My district decide to block Blogger yesterday. Ugh! But we are back in the Fridge today.

********Update 11-05-2007: Speaking of a day late...I forgot to come back and post this after the video loaded, so, since this is such a great piece of software, I'll just count it for the 29th and the 5th. I feel as if I may be getting a touch o' the flu, so my brain really isn't up to thinking anyway. Good thing I'm not getting paid for this....**************

Today I wanted to bring up Camtasia and Snag It from Tech Smith. Camtasia ($299) is a software program that lets you record and narrate what you are doing on your computer screen. During the editing process, you are able to do callouts (includng blurring personal or student information), add titles, adjust audio, etc. It has been a godsend for trying to explain new things to teachers. Snag It ($39.95), the cheaper half of the bundle ($319), is similar to Grab on a Mac and the Snipping Tool that comes witha PC. There are some extra features that Snag It offers (magnifying, blurring, etc.), but if you don't have to do any formatting, the other two will do all right.

I will say that the product is definitely worth the price if you are going to use it a lot.


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