Monday, January 14, 2008

Diigo: Can't say it, but we like it...

The staff here at the Tech Fridge (see first line of previous post) have found a new social bookmarking site that we think is kind of cool. 
Diigo, pronounced (dee'go), stands for "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff." Diigo is roughly the same as Delicious, etc., but there are still a few differences that have us leaning a little more towards Diigo. First of all, with a Delicious account, its fairly simple. You tag a website and it gets stored in your account. With Diigo, you are able to add sticky notes and other annotations that you don't find in Delicious. Those sticky notes can also be sent to your friends, which is regarded as a "killer feature," and I agree. You can also highlight certain parts of the website you are bookmarking. All of these added features are available on your bookmark page (see mine). Diigo has a toolbar available (not for Safari), but also has a Diigolet (which is available for Safari), which is similar to the Delicious tag buttons that you've used. One other feature worth including is the ability to clip and play videos. The feature that really sold me on Diigo: When I find a bookmark that I want, I can simultaneously add it to my Delicious account with the same tags that I did for Diigo (this feature is available for a couple of different websites). The couch potato in me sees this as a great way to populate two areas at once. A very cool feature to enhance the professional development in your kitchen...I mean district!

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