Monday, January 21, 2008

Wake Up! Apple Keyonte Recap

Before we get started, the Tech Fridge has decided that we should look into developing some swag, so if there is anyone out there who needs to start themselves up and wants to get their name out there to all 20 of our subscribers, let me know. We can discuss ideas and if we can work out a price deal, we'll put your logo/contact info on the back of the swag. I'm guessing if you were in the area it would be easier, but we can discuss. As you know, we are running a multi-penny company here.

This week's was Apple Computer's version of Christmas more commonly known as the Macworld Keynote, given by head genius Steve Jobs. Unfortunately, for education, there wasn't a whole lot of good presents. There were four main announcements: The iPhone and iPod Touch have some great new features making it more and more realistic that it's the only thing you soon as they enable it to start your car; to make Time Machine easier, they introduced a wireless external hard drive and wifi station called Time Capsule; Apple TV was improved, making being a couch potato oh so much easier because iTunes will be offering movie rentals; and the new MacBook Air was introduced. So while what was introduced was very cool, I don't see it having much effect on education. The Time Capsule would be nice to back up, but most schools have servers for that. The MacBook Air is great, but I don't think you want to give kids something easier to pick up and therefore drop and/or throw. All in all, it was a snoozeable event in regards to improving education.

Our friend (not in a literal sense and by no means are the feelings mutual) David Pogue has a pretty interesting take on why Apple sales are improving and it has sparked quite a few comments. I don't know what the record for number for comments are, but I'm sure he has to at least be challenging it.

Next week's post will be from a conference on 21st Century Skills in which yours truly and a guest will be discussing YouTube and Blogger in the classroom. Hopefully we'll have something new to share! Here are a couple of past posts on those subjects:

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