Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Wiki-Cool

David Warlick's Two Cents blog was right up our alley today. Web 2.0 is a big part of our little website and we've pondered about how many options there are out there and where do we begin. So the staff at the Fridge were ecstatic to hear about WikiMatrix, a website that lets you find the web 2.0 tools that will best help you. Even if you know what works, but you want to try something else, you can go through the Wiki Choice Wizard, a search of wikis customized for your needs. What a great idea! The comparing feature, a main reason for the website, gives you a list of features commonly found on wikis and uses them to compare from one to the next. Just like comparing video cameras online, check the box next to the wikis you want to know more about, click the "compare" button and you have a side-by-side comparsion. A very cool way to search for what's best for you.

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