Monday, April 14, 2008

Twitter + Skype = lots of interaction

I still am not sold on Twitter. Is it fun? Yep, but I need to figure out how to utilize it more. Skype I absolutely love and wish I used it more. Having a young child, I'm begging my wife to Skype me during the day so I don't miss out on anything! Unfortunately, since he's two months old, by the time she heads to the computer, the fun is over with and he wants to eat again.
This morning at Classroom 2.0 I found a post on Tweeting from Skype. Yep, instead of having to go to the Twitter website, you actually add Twitter as a contact and send them a chat message. That message then appears on Twitter! I'm completely amazed. Now my Skype is ringing off the hook, which would be the biggest disadvantage for having a lot of people that you follow. I don't follow a lot, and still my Skype is almost continually bouncing, resulting in a little too much attention being paid to it. Yes, I could turn it off...but how is that fun???
Anyway, thanks to Chad for the heads up. Hopefully this will help the Tech Fridge get their Twitter on.

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