Monday, April 7, 2008

Wetpaint is not dry

Last week we created a Wikispace site to share with the local historical society. Students and teachers have started collecting interviews and will be doing some more as they go back this year for the field trip. Much to our dismay, when we went to the local library and experienced the "outside Internet," we found Google Ads on our site. I have no problems with Google Ads, but the ads were for "adult chats" and "local singles" and other things that Grandma wouldn't want to see. So we did some checking for some other wiki sites. We found Wetpaint, a site that claims to not have ads for educator wikis. While that's not entirely true, there isn't anything like we found at our Wikispace.
Then we went back to our Wetpaint wiki this morning. I was highly disappointed. I followed Wetpaint's suggestion and went to ZeeMaps to make a map of the area. That map wasn't showing up today. Also, the TeacherTube clips I embedded weren't showing up. Now, I haven't checked this on the "outside Internet," but I think the content I add should show up in and out of school. This started out on Friday as going to be a glowing review of Wetpaint, but the editing features are not nearly as quick (and apparently stable) as Wikispaces. Hopefully, with a few more tests (as in my NETA presentation that I was getting ready to start before checking the other site), we will be more in love with Wetpaint. Right now, we've just got paint dripping everywhere over our fridge. What a mess...


Kevin said...

Hi J Allen - I looked at your Wetpaint wiki and all seemed to be well. At times, 3rd party content (ie. videos, maps) might not work if those services might be banned by a school IP. If you're noticing other issues, be sure to let me know and I'll see what I can do. We want you to have a great Wetpaint experience. Thanks for giving Wetpaint a whirl.
Best, Kevin

J Allen said...

I apologize for not trying out a few other troubleshooting options before putting this post up. I trusted my firewall a little too much!
Thanks for your product and can't wait to get this issue resolved!