Thursday, June 5, 2008

Don't forget the Why!

A great reminder/aha moment this morning with this post from Ryan Bretag from So many times with web 2.0 tools we don't focus on why we need to use them. Ironically, why you should use web 2.0 is probably the biggest hurdle that non-techie administrators have. No one has done a good enough job explaining to them why web 2.0 and other technology prove to be a better best practice (I realize some take more convincing than others).
I really feel that why can usually be best answered through examples. Yes, there is research, but administrators know better than most that research, surveys and data can all be manipulated (Ever heard of NCLB?). If you can provide visual examples, through a video or visit to a classroom, and then pair it with the research, survey and/or data, you will have a better chance of proving your best practice is worth the time and resources. We all understand why technology is essential in an educational setting, but others just need some more convincing.

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