Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Summary - NECC 2008

I started my first full day of NECC with what I've always heard is the biggest and most intimidating part of NECC: the vendors.
It really was a lot to take in. I haven't actually completed going around to all of the vendors, but I'm never really a fan of that atmosphere anyway. I did learn about a couple new things that I think could be beneficial in my district (Sony's iLife-style multimedia software), but we'll have to see.

I did spend a little time in the
 Blogger's Cafe on Sunday and ventured past it today. It's a very interesting place. It's loud, with many conversations bouncing off the walls. On Sunday, there were some big names there (Who do you see in the picture?). The person I was with joked that we were "groupies" hanging on the edges, hoping to be talked to. While that's not true, since we were actually there first, it did get a good laugh.

Finally Monday afternoon I got to a couple of sessions, which showed me what NECC should really be about: the members. Most of the presentations I attended did a great job of giving me some real life ideas. So many times, the ideas shared are not realistic in an "everyday" classroom. I'm very excited to get back to some more sessions tomorrow and pack some more information into the Fridge.

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