Monday, June 23, 2008

Prepping the Fridge for NECC

The Tech Fridge is traveling to their first NECC in just a few days! After new teacher training tomorrow, we will be feverishly getting ready to make our maiden voyage to the mecca of educational technology. We thought this week we'd share a few ideas and areas in which we are prepping.

  1. Getting the Mac Book Pro set up as the "mother ship" for our work. There are three main reasons for this: 1. Battery life and speed FAR exceeds the tablet; 2. It's still my security blanket; and, 3. Honestly, it has a built-in camera that I can Skype home with. Let's be honest, that's the real reason.
  2. Lee mentioned putting our Twitter usernames on our nametags. Cheesy? Yep, but what Fridge doesn't love some good cheese? Not really something I'm preparing for, but it's part of the gathering of ideas before I get there.
  3. The NECC 2008 main site has the ability to create a conference planner. While I have added some workshops that I want to be at, I haven't messed much with adding this to iCal, etc.
  4. Getting ready on the NECC Ning. I just want to browse through it some more and do a little more networking before hand.
  5. Finishing up my business cards. I made the mistake of not planning a head for this. Michelle Baldwin Tweeted one day about getting her "Moo cards" and I just didn't jump on the ball fast enough. Between formatting and ink, I'll get them done before I take off.
  6. NETA has a wikispace for all of us to collaborate. Great job, Jason!
  7. Following NECC on Twitter.
  8. Following Hashtags on Twitter, a website that tracks Tweets.
  9. An article about RSS with Twitter and the aforementioned Hashtags from the Cool Cat Teacher blog.

I'm sure that there are other things that I'm forgetting, so please feel free to remind me! If I think of anything else I'm doing in preparation, I'll of course mention that as well. Yes, Mom, I will pack enough clothes for each day and I'll take a little blankie in case I get cold on the plane. Even a Fridge can get chilly, though probably not while in San Antonio.

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