Friday, July 25, 2008

A Breakfast Buffet of Technology

Darren Draper, a tech specialist from Utah, had a great post yesterday about how to begin the process of choosing technology to introduce to a non-techie classroom. In response to a friends email, Darren compared the amount of technology available to teachers as a breakfast buffet: large, intimidating and no beginning or end. His advice to his friend was to start with an entree, something you can focus on, and ignore the rest until you get comfortable. While I realize that could be a big challenge, Darren makes a great point that it will depend on the teachers style and the make up of the class.
In my comment, I mentioned that "everyone likes a little dessert," but I think it is a great analogy to how difficult it is (still, unfortunately) for tech coaches/facilitators, etc., to get "those teachers" to use technology. But, if it's done right, you'll get them to come back to your buffet or maybe even leave a tip.
While we here at the Tech Fridge like the analogy Darren used, we think that you could also use a Tech Fridge in your analogy. Your tech fridge is filled with those technology items that you most rely on, that you are willing to share with friends, the best of the best. Just like going to the grocery store: you don't buy everything, just what works best for you. Tech Fridge's are highly valuable, you know :)


Kristine & Keith said...

First off - love your blog - i have just started browsing through it (found it on iste blog site) already got some great stuff - Second - did you go to UNK in the late 90's by any chance? Familiar name - thought it would be an interesting coincidence.

J Allen said...

I believe, by browsing your blog, that we have a mutual friend named Jamin and/or you were an RA at UNK. Correct? Want more irony? We both had our first child this year, but scarier? Yours was born on my birthday. Enough with the freakiness. Feel free to email me at

Beth Still said...

Taking Durff up on the "Network Challenge" so I will do my best to leave an intelligent comment! I was actually going to ask you why you called your blog the Technology Fridge, but after reading your post I get the meaning behind it now. I think to entice teachers to use technology we have to reassure them that they don't have to sample from the entire buffet. It is perfectly acceptable to take just one or two items to begin with. I think many teachers want to use technology, but they are overwhelmed with which end of the buffet to begin.

I enjoyed reading the comments between you and the other person who posted. I am constantly amazed at how the Internet helps us get back in touch with old friends and helps us connect to new ones that are sometimes so much like us.

J Allen said...

Unfortunately, as I emailed Kristine, that wasn't the original meaning, but I'll be using it from now on. It fits better than the place for "cool" tech ideas.