Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Power of Google Forms

Last year Google introduce surveys and forms to go along with their Google Docs arsenal. Forms have quickly became an EXCELLENT way to collect and organize information...for free! Recently, Google took them out of Spreadsheets and made them their own tab. The biggest projects I've done are a survey of my building tech people and to put together a student roster for my upcoming grad class. You can quickly create your own survey, choosing between a text, multiple choice, yes/no, drop down list or paragraph answers. Then you can publish your survey as a link or embed it into a website.
The surveys are then collected as a Google Spreadsheet (aka, Excel form) which can be re-organized by columns or into different sheets. As with other Google Docs, that form can then be exported in a variety of ways (Excel, pdf, etc.).
Tom Barrett has put together ten outstanding uses for Google Forms. Experiment with them in your own classroom and comment on how it goes!

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