Sunday, September 21, 2008

Diigo For Educators

Diigo, the Fridge's favorite place to store bookmarks, is increasing its pressure on #1 social bookmarking site Delicious by offering educator accounts. These accounts lets you give your students a place to share bookmarks without having to provide an email address. I know that many secondary and higher ed teachers have had students get their own account in either Diigo or Delicious and then they would share information via tags. We'll be interested to see if this increases Diigo in an elementary building.

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Kate Klingensmith said...

Great news! Thanks for sharing!

It's wonderful that so many people, from so many angles, seem to agree that this *needs* to happen, that our students will gain so much from integrating web 2.0 tools into their education. I'm grateful that it's such a refined effort - people are getting excited about this because the tools are so accessible and easy to use!