Monday, September 8, 2008

A National Web Filter?

In the latest issue of Learning & Leading With Technology (published from ISTE), their Point/Counterpoint article asks "Should we establish National Standards for Web Filtering?" Both individuals give an excellent take on their side, but one issue was left out: Who's doing the actual filtering?
If you've read the blog long enough, you can guess that the filter in my district is pretty open and that our technicians don't try to run the filter. They are open to the needs of the curriculum department. Hearing from individuals in other districts, I realize how lucky I am to work with the people that I do.
Which brings me to my concern about having a national filter. Who are we going to get to run it? My biggest problem is that what is right for people in the Sandhills of Nebraska doesn't make it right for people in Southern California. How would you make the filter be a one size fits all? It is impossible. And free speech? We don't want to be China. Can you imagine the amount of lawsuits? I realize the questions in Point/Counterpoint are fairly hypothetical, but I hope that this one stays hypothetical.

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