Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Name, Special Offer

We at the Fridge are proud to announce that we cut out some coupons, looked in our couch cushions and scooped together enough coin to buy our domain! So now we are just! It is a very exciting move and one that makes us think we'll stick with Blogger for a while longer. We had contemplated a move to Word Press, but in the end it just isn't worth it. And yes, we are still kicking some ideas around for apparel, especially with Christmas and Valentine's Day coming up. Nothing would say I Love You like a Tech Fridge t-shirt, right?

Speaking of worth it, one thing that got us thinking we should splurge for the name is an email we got offering the Fridge a media pass to the Innovative Learning Conference in San Jose, CA. Here is how you benefit from this:

The Innovative Learning Conference (ILC) 2008, will be held October 14-16 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif., and is devoted to sharing innovative educational strategies for advancing K-12 student achievement.

Registration is taking place NOW, with an early-bird discount available through Oct. 6. In addition, readers of this blog can get an extra discount of $40 by registering online by Oct. 6 at and typing in the promotional code ORG40.

This conference is a “must-attend” professional development opportunity, offering educators, administrators and technology leaders a chance to experience first-hand the latest innovations in classroom technology. More than 150 concurrent sessions and over 60 workshops will provide thought-provoking strategies, applications and practices. ILC 2008 will also feature an expansive exhibit hall where attendees can view the latest products and services from some of the nation’s leading technology companies, with more than 100 top solution providers in attendance.

For more information on the conference, please visit

One problem: We here at the Tech Fridge don't know much about the ILC and neither do the folks at the Classroom 2.0 blog. So both of us would love to hear your opinions. It looks good, but it would basically take us away from the bill paying job for a week, so we want to make sure it's worth it. Please give us a yeah or nay about making the trip.


Michelle said...

Oh, MAN! I was just there! I don't think the district... strike that. I KNOW the district won't let me go back this soon. Grrr.

I like the new domain. BTW, I do have my own domain with edublogs (which is WordPress), but I have a Blogger account, too. They're all good.

J Allen said...

I know. I'm not sure. I may apply for GTA instead. That's a whole week out in California. Not bad, except when the fam is here.