Friday, November 14, 2008

Cleaning up the Fridge

It was high time to clean out the Fridge a little. I've been following Steve Dembo's 30 Days to a Being a Better Blogger, and while I've made a few changes here and there due to his posts, Day 13 has been by far the biggest change.
I have added and added and added to my sidebar, giving you EVERY SINGLE PLACE that I am. That has made for a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg sidebar. But thanks to Day 13, I have found Retaggr, the all in one sidebar item. With Retaggr, I get all of my information into one little pop up bar. Because it combines Twitter, Skype, Diigo, Google Reader, etc., I can take multiple items off of my sidebar, which was getting to be almost twice as long as my front page posts.
So, my suggestion is to a) catch up with Steve's posts and b) if nothing else, skip to day 13 and check out Retaggr. It'll make your blog so much cleaner and spiffier.


Michelle said...

Good idea. IF and when I ever catch up with Steve's challenges (when, I meant when), I will definitely use retaggr too!

BJ Bagwell, PhD said...

Hi Josh, I only recently discovered your blog and I enjoy it so much. I was so inspired when I read your entry today, then distracted, by your description and use of retaggr. When I sat down at my computer it was my goal to catch up with the stuff in my reader. I got as far as your blog entry for today and just had to check out retaggr! How fun and what a great way to truly tidy up a bit. Thanks for sharing so much!

J Allen said...

Thanks BJ! I appreciate you stopping by!