Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Debate For the Future of Graphics Editing

Here is a little debate to start election week:
I'm going through a little dilemma right now as I plan for an elementary high ability seminar. I don't think that I'll be changing my one for this week (Lights, Camera, creation and the like...possible changes next year), but I have one coming up next semester that deals with graphics editing. In the past, can anyone guess what was used? Correct! Photoshop. But why should I use Photoshop? Why shouldn't I use Picnik? Why shouldn't I use online Photoshop? I realize I don't pay for Photo Story, but shouldn't I just use Animoto or Slide and get the embed code automatically? Who uploads video anymore (OK, someone has to populate YouTube)? Everyone ends up embedding anyway, right?
So, my friends, should I make a change and do more online editing and less with downloaded software? Is it more valuable for my students, few who have Photoshop at home or school, only half of which can download Photo Story due to building computer choices, to learn how to edit photos and create movies online? 

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Glen said...

I've used most of these. Based on current student interests, most of my students have chosen to create an Animoto video instead of one of the other choices. I'm confident that as other choices become available, they will look at the options before just using what has been done previously.