Monday, December 15, 2008

How far back will our kids be?

If you scroll through last week's posts, you'll see the conversation we've been having with my grad class. 
Much of it turns to the amount (specifically the lack thereof) of technology being used by teachers. One thought that came up for me that I communicated to them is, if teachers aren't using technology, and therefore not preparing students for today's jobs, how far behind will we be when they enter the workplace? I've heard more than one person talk about how many of our students will have a job that doesn't exist today. My job didn't exist until I was in the 7th grade. Maybe it isn't the technology we have to focus on, maybe it's the communication aspect? Maybe it's the collaboration or leadership skills? There is a great article by Tony Wagner called "Rigor Redefined" from the ASCD magazine that we've been discussing that really gets at the direction I'd like to see our classrooms go. The seven skills he mentioned don't always have to include technology, but technology can sure go a long way to helping students excel at many of them. Your thoughts? How far behind are our kids going to be? How much progression will be hindered?

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