Monday, December 1, 2008

My Two Favorite Blogs

The Tech Fridge had meant to get out a pre-Thanksgiving note to everyone, but, as you may have noticed it didn't happen. We hope that all of you had a happy and safe weekend.

I have started adding more and more blogs to my Google Reader, which leaves me with hundreds and hundreds of posts to check in for a day or two. I have found two blogs that rarely have an un-useful post.

Teachers Love SMART Boards
If you or your district owns even one SMART Board, this is a must subscribe. They offer challenges to get you to use your Board more and provide links to very useful resources that run the K-12 gamut. They keep the mood light, which makes the posts that much better! They offer websites for teachers just starting with their Boards and Notebook Challenges for those who want something more advanced. Again, a must for districts who have SMART Boards.

Free Tech 4 Teachers
Free Tech 4 Teachers is a blog that provides a variety of technology resources that are very meaningful at many different grade levels. They also are resources that a variety of schools can benefit from, regardless of the amount of technology in the building. The biggest problem? The large amount of information. They update multiple times a day. Bad? Can be an issue. What really amazes me is that even if I get multiple updates in a day, most of the resources are new to me! So you can see the dilemma subscribing to them causes. Good, new information, but a whole bunch of it. So much that they just announced today (in the 6th post of the day...they average about 20 posts a week) that they have created a wiki to better organize their resources. So good content, but expect the feed reader to fill up a little quicker.


Mr. Byrne said...

Wow, thank you for naming Free Technology for Teachers as one of your favorite blogs. It started out as just a small project for me and just kept on growing and growing. The wiki, as you pointed out is new, I welcome teachers to add to it. Just request an invite when you visit the wiki and I'll add you to the list.

Thanks again for the kind words.

Richard Byrne

J Allen said...

Mr. Byrne - Thanks for checking in! You do have a tremendous resource built up. Keep up the good work!