Sunday, February 15, 2009

Online Curriculum Guides Rule!

I'm very embarrassed that my last few posts have only been Diigo bookmarks. While they include lots of great resources, I do like spicing the Fridge up every now and then with some words of wisdom. 
What's been keeping me so busy lately? SharePoint. Yep, we are moving toward the paid version of Microsoft's SharePoint. My main task, as of right now, is creating online curriculum guides. Last year I told our curriculum department that printing out curriculum guides for each teacher (we are the 5th largest school district in Nebraska...relative, I know) and then storing those documents in an organized manner was high on the to do list of things to do at the Department of Redundancy Department. Their biggest concern with moving toward online curriculum guides was that teachers couldn't take a desktop computer to meetings. Our technology department got their budget boosted, a leased signed, new computers in our secondary buildings, new(er) computers in our elementary buildings and a laptop for every teacher. Now that they've fulfilled their part of the bargain, I'm working on mine.
So, I've got two questions of this wonderful network of mine:
  1. Does anyone have any samples of online curriculum guides that they'd be willing to show me? I have an idea and am working on some ideas (which I'd be willing to share), but am always open to something new. They don't just have to be in SharePoint, either.
  2. Are there any great websites for SharePoint users? I've found End Users SharePoint, which I think will be very useful (as I use it more). Any other ideas?

On a side note, Sir Ken Robinson will be here in Omaha on Thursday, February 26th at the UNO-Kaneko Library. There is a free educator session before his main talk. Tickets are $25 (the biggest bargain in the world). See the Kaneko website for more details. I don't know much about Kaneko, so I'm very excited for this opportunity. I will be attending both the educator and regular session. I'm also reading his latest book The Element, a gift from my wife for Valentine's Day. My life has already changed in the first 25 pages...It's that good. More information later.

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