Monday, June 1, 2009

NETS & P21 - Brothers From Different Mothers?

As I'm getting ready to "attend" the Cyber Summit on 21st Century Skills, I got to thinking about the other project I'm working on, which is aligning some new curriculum activities to the ISTE standards. So this begs the question: Which one should your curriculum be aligned to? Or does it matter? Is this a Ford vs. Chevy (pre-bankruptcy) debate?
As I'm reading through both of them (P21 -- ISTE), they basically stress the same things. Are they two separate ideas and both should be taken into consideration as we move forward with curriculum writing? I don't have a good answer. I think it's important that one of them be placed in the back of your mind as curriculum is being developed, but which one does your district try to align to? Would love your feedback.


Peggy Shields said...

Saw your Tweet about this and I needed more than 140 characters. My take on this debate is that ISTE are more specific to the integration of technology into the classroom, which is what I do. P21 are more global, regarding curriculum. I think both need to be present, but I have chosen my battles carefully and the NETS I can accomplish right now.

Michelle said...

I look at NETS as standards and objectives, and P21 as more of a framework.