Thursday, October 8, 2009

The First Omaha Blog Co Installment

This morning I had the privilege of attending the first meetup of the Omaha Blog Co, organized by Danny of Silicon Prairie News fame. The event, held in the cozy, not-easy-to-find-for-a-suburb-guy Caffeine Dreams in Midtown Omaha, was attended by bloggers with a wide variety of backgrounds: new bloggers, personal bloggers, professional bloggers and even a "Professional Bum." It was great to meet them and start discussions about our purposes for blogging. Some blog for their friends, some for their job. Some blog for an audience, some blog as a creative outlet. And it was really a reaffirming moment for me - blogging is writing. Writer's write for a variety of purposes and audiences. Some write papers for teachers, some journal for themselves. We expose our students to different styles of writing and ask them to write in the those styles...why can't that be done online? Getting back to what we always harp on here in the Fridge - don't blog to blog, blog to write.
I'm very interested to see where this group goes. I'm continually impressed with the "creative class", frequently and proudly having their horn blown by outlets like Silicon Prairie, in and around the metro area. I'm hoping I can bring something positive to the table, albeit being an "outsider" to many of their ventures having an education background. I think there is a lot of talent in the area and think it will be a great thing to be a part of. Thanks again to everyone who was there for sharing great ideas and thoughts and to Danny for organizing! Now to double check my spelling since I let that out as a pet peeve about blog posts.

Speaking of blogging, here is a reminder about a great series posted by Steve Dembo a while back - 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger.

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Danny said...

Ha, I had a laugh at that last line. Thanks so much for making it to the first meetup. Looking forward to future ones.