Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who's is the Enemy?

While watching Twitter last night, I saw Sylvia Martinez (and her blog post from today) and Bud Hunt begin the "assault" on the session title "The Enemy Within: Stop Students From Bypassing Your Web Filters." The irony is that the description on the Wikispace page was open for anyone to edit, so the onslaught of educators adding their thoughts began.

Here is the session description from the one hour session description page of the NYSCATE wiki:

How can you detect and block anonymizing proxies to stop students from accessing content which can create security risks to your network? Sophos security expert, Chris Ridgeway, will discuss risks posed by Web 2.0., how anonymizing proxies compound that threat and best practices to thwart anonymizing proxies in your network.

To me, the title represents what can be so wrong with security and the companies that provide them. Granted, they prey on the fear that some parents and administrators have. They aren't as concerned with providing effective instruction as they are creating an impenetrable bubble isolating students from the rest of the world. If you had engaging instruction and a relevant curriculum, you would have less discipline issues. It's as simple as that.

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Michelle said...

Funny- that same post from Sylvia led me to a write my own blog post.

I think the bigger issue is trust- kids aren't trusted, teachers and faculty aren't trusted. That has to change. Let's block what is truly "dangerous," but then teach kids how to keep themselves safe and do the right thing. Seems easier than having to invent more and more software/hardware that kids will outsmart within 10 minutes anyway.