Friday, March 26, 2010

Growing Up

I was inspired by Dean Shareski's blog post (see post for his inspirations) to use Google's Street View to give a short overview of where I grew up (none of my family still lives in the houses I showed). I think this could be a great way for students to tell their story, or narrate a fictional one with a setting of their choosing. If students didn't want to hear themselves speak, or you didn't want to mess with screen recording, a text version of this could be done using kmz files in Google Earth to tour the world.
Shareski used Jing and pieced together less than 5 minute clips to make his video (free Jing maxes at 5 minutes). I used iShowU HD because I already had it on my computer. I did have to do some editing in iMovie to get it under 10 minutes (max allowed by YouTube). I'm not a huge fan of iShowU (see: audio quirk towards the beginning...happens more often than I like to admit), but it gets the job done.


Dave said...

Thank you for this. It's like we are walking around your town and getting a tour! I love the wheelie crack and Daylight doughnuts before pheasant hunting. Those are memories that we need to pass on to our kids. Great!

Dave said...
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Mrs. Risolvo said...

This is an updated version of something I used to do with my ESL students as well as with all of my students to to get them writing narratives. I will definitely use this to generate writing topics. I love it, thank you for the idea!

J Allen said...

Thanks Dave & Mrs. Risolovo. I'm excited that I get to head back on Tuesday to drive through town and get a live tour of what you see. I appreciate the feedback. If you do one, make sure you leave your link here!