Friday, February 4, 2011

Moving Mobile: Month 3

You learn very early in your life that January in Nebraska holds many opportunities for snow days! Since coming back from Winter Break, we still haven't had a full week of classes. That can make rescheduling meetings just as long as the meeting would've been.
However, our Special Education staff is continuing to implement their iPads and iPod Touches (previous posts here and here). One thing that we are excited to see is that the search for apps is moving from reinforcement to skill development. Reinforcement is great, and it's a continual part of engaging the students, but the device isn't being fully leveraged if that's the only thing you are using it for. One app that we are very excited about are iWriteWords (there is a free version). iWriteWords lines up fairly well with our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and "forces" students to practice writing letters correctly before moving on to the next task. 
Our next big step is going to be creating our own videos for students. These videos will be focused on telling a story or cues that a student would normally use paper for (On a somewhat separate thought, we have discussed creating movies to demonstrate math processes...something that could be put on these devices as well). Our February monthly meeting will be a hands on training on using power point slides to create movies. I'm very excited about this because of the customization it will bring to each device for students. I'm hoping that we can jointly create a library of videos for teachers to access both on the device and on their computers. 

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