Monday, March 14, 2011

IEAR Post: My Pictures Talk app

This was originally posted (my first!) at IEAR, a great place to find iOS (iPad, iPod, etc.) apps.
App Title: My Pictures Talk
Grade LevelAny
Purpose: A - Think "Photo Story 3 meets the iOS." A simple to use slideshow creation tool. 
Program Functionality: B+ - I really like how easy it ease to create a new slideshow. It's simple to pull in pics or video synched to your device or use your devices camera (hopefully iPad2's also?) to add. It's also incredibly easy to add text and audio directly on to slides. The only drawback is, once you finish a slide, you are directed back to the slideshow home page to create a new page. I would love to see a "save and make new slide" button. Files are also shared as a zip file, not as a movie.
Overall Educational Value: A - The app bills itself as a "video modeling tool." Our original purpose for this app was exactly that - using it with special education students to work on video modeling. But the app is so flexible, I could see it being used for a LOT of different purposes in the elementary classroom.
Cost: $9.99 ($4.99 if you buy 20 in Apple's VPP)
Classroom Use/Ideas: Again, the flexibility of this tool is amazing and really only limits you to your imagination. Combining real pictures or video with the text and audio can be huge for the special education student needing extra guidance or any student wanting to share what they know. And all of the creation can be done on the iOS device.

iTunes link: My Pictures Talk
Reviewer: Josh Allen


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