Saturday, April 2, 2011

They're Here...Now What?

We've asked for quite a while for administrators to come to this great technology party. Thanks to some great "party planning" by Lynne Herr and her ESU partners, a whole bunch of Nebraska administrators joined Twitter this week. Hat tip to Beth Still for creating this Twitter list of them!
But about mid-week, after a couple shout-outs, I got to thinking: Now what? They showed up. I can't tell you how excited that made me! But, well, um, I forgot to bring a yard game. How do we make it relevant. I see it happening in Iowa. I see other admins getting connected across the nation (ex: #cpchat). But how do we, the Nebraska "Welcome Wagon," as Lynne tweeted, make sure they have a good time and keep coming back to "our" party? 

  • Hashtags: #ncsabootcamp and #cpchat were shared during their training and we'll have #neta11 coming up with our state tech conference. It was also shared to create their own (ala, #yorkdukes, #npspanthers, etc.).
  • Twitter list: Hopefully the Twitter list, especially since they don't follow a lot of people now, will be a catalyst for growth. It only takes a couple to start the shift.
What else? There's lots of things that we could be doing to support the growth of these great administrators on Twitter. But what? We love this party and we want more people here. Thanks for sharing!

Picture credit to Michael Fisher


Lynne said...

Josh: I've been thinking a lot about this too. Here's what I'm doing: 1) Since we covered two hashtags at the training: cpchat and ncsabootcamp, I am monitoring those in tweetdeck and using them more liberally than I otherwise would. 2) I will contact at least some of my admins who attended the training via email to let them know I'll be posting from the Mobile Learning Conference later this week, with the hashtag #mobile2011. 3) I hope to offer follow-up webinars on each of the three main topics we covered last week: tweetdeck/twitter, diigo and Google Docs/forms. 4) ESU folks will follow-up with admins who attended from their local areas. 5) I'll continue to encourage NCSA to develop a hashtag for its members to follow for NCSA news and resources. 6) I will be encouraging and patient as folks work though how to use the tools to enhance their own work and learning. And I'll remember that many may be lurking so I'll try to help make that lurking valuable.

Other ideas?

J Allen said...

Outstanding. I think the follow up will be huge. It may be good to mention the #neta11 hashtag - even if they aren't going, they could check in to see what everyone else is talking about. Also, will you email out Beth's list? Maybe you shared it with them that day. I don't remember.
I'm very thankful that there were so many admins looking to join in. Thanks so much to you and your ESU cohorts for putting this together!

Michelle said...

I think it would be helpful to get an admin Twitter and/or blog mentor... someone you could follow and who would follow you. This relationship could encourage a more active presence to those who are somewhat hesitant. Just a thought...