Monday, August 13, 2012

IFTTT for #paplv

I realize I'm late to the IFTTT bus, but that's not uncommon. There are a couple buses that I've been late to. But hey, I'm glad they come back around every now and then.
IFTTT allows you to combine some of the online tools you use to create, essentially, an automatic workflow, hence the name: If This Then That. You create "recipes." For example, every time I tag one of my Instagram pics with #mykids, it automatically gets sent to Flickr, which is where we store all of our pics. But you can also browse other people's recipes: Now when I favorite a tweet, it sends it to Evernote, where I've been doing a lot more collecting. 
As our teachers come back to school, our superintendent, Dr. Black, has been talking about "sharing our story...the media, legislature and politicians aren't doing a good job of it." I've been touting Twitter more often and the use of a common #paplv hashtag. I've even set up a Tumblr site so that when a picture is taken in Instagram and tagged with #paplv (by anyone, I'm hoping - haven't had others try it out) it gets posted. Now, I've updated it so that it also includes tweets. Twitter is such an easy way to communicate the great things that are happening, this is just an easy way to have them all together in one spot. 
Why? Our teachers do great things. Amazing things. But we don't always know about it. Hopefully as they use Instagram and Twitter (and more recipes...Ideas?), their message gets out with little-to-no work on their part. I've also been thinking of more ways to use IFTTT in other areas of the school day - after school clubs, Facebook pages, etc. So many possibilities...what recipes are you using in IFTTT to help with your productivity? I'd love to share them with our staff!

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