Friday, December 20, 2013

The #edubroaward Dynasty Train

It seems like just a year ago I was winning my first EduBro Award...cause it is! Like the dynasty that I am, I'm delivering my second award speech in a row. You can see all of the other uber-cool winners here.

Now, back to me.

This year, I was a part of three awards:

  • "Most likely to make you lol in the comment section" award
  • #dadsined award (w/my partner in crime Brent Catlett)
  • "The #_posse for keeping the oft-maligned underscore symbol in the forefront of our minds" along with Greg Garner (@classroom_tech) & Chris Casal (@mr_casal).
And as expected, the EdCamp Crane took home the Best EdCamp Mascot award!

For the "lol award" - the irony is I would never use lol. I hate that phrase. So thanks to however nominated me. In all honesty, I just try to bring a level head and a little humor to this stressful job. I do appreciate the nod.

DadsinEd - very honored, as this is something that Brent and I are passionate about. I'm a little saddened that the third member of our crew, Devin Schoening, wasn't mentioned, but we all know we don't go anywhere without our third wheel!

The #_posse was developed during a topic secret meeting in Hot-Lanta in the spring of 2013. That's all I can say, as the first rule of the #_posse (aka #underscoreposse) is that you don't talk about the #_posse.

I would say good luck to all of the competition next year, but you're going to need more than luck to derail this dynasty train.

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