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Using IFTTT to Get Your Picture-a-Day Dominoes to Fall in Order

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Since 2009, I've been doing a "picture a day" blog for our family. It's gone through many iterations - first iWeb, then Posterous. After those two went by the wayside, I moved to Blogger (where it should've been at first...but that's another blog post). The blog started out just being shared with parents and grandparents via email. Then I began sharing them on social media and wanted an easier way to back up the pictures and text. That's a lot of different places to post. Thanks to If This, Then That (IFTTT), I can now post to one spot and all of that happens automatically. Like knocking over one domino and watching the rest fall down!
Thanks to two IFTTT recpies, when I post to Blogger, the post automatically goes to both Facebook and a copy is sent to Flickr for the picture backup (see below). One post to three places. As I've began using Instagram more, I set up an IFTTT recipe to autopost to Flickr if I used the hashtag #mykids. I typically set up similar ones for special events (#snowdays, #ressesturns1, etc.). 
IFTTT Recipe: #mykids from Instagram to Flickr connects instagram to flickr
What I began to realize is that sometimes I would have the same picture in Flickr twice: once from the #mykids recipe and once from the blog post. That doesn't always happen, but sometimes I make a #mykids post on Instagram in the morning and then decide to use that picture later in the day. It's not a huge deal because Flickr gives you a terabyte of storage for free (that's a lot), but if I ever get around to organizing my pictures it could be annoying. So the other day I set up a new recipe that if I tagged a picture in Instagram picture with #blog, it automatically creates a new post on my picture a day blog. That starts the dominoes falling!
IFTTT Recipe: Create Blogger post from Instagram hashtag connects instagram to blogger
IFTTT Recipe: Pics blog to FB connects blogger to facebook
IFTTT Recipe: Pic a day to Flickr connects blogger to flickr
I won't always start my blog post from Instagram, but it's now possible and I won't end up with two pictures in Flickr.
There are thousands of ways to use IFTTT. If doing a picture a day blog for your family or class, you wouldn't have to use as many recipes as I did. Or you could substitute other recipes. IFTTT would be a great way to get share with parents more of what is going on in your classroom. Setting up recipes to work together gets all of your dominoes to fall the same direction.
Click here for my IFTTT presentation at #neta14.

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